First Things First (HIV/STI/TB) Campaign










About the programme

The HEAIDS First Things First (HIV/TB/STI) Programme has established itself as one of the leading
programmes and has seen much success in terms of up-take. The programme aims at ensuring that
taking care of one’s health is the first priority of every South African. This programme is implemented
in both the university and TVET college sectors.
The First Things First (FTF) Programme is aligned with the prevention focus of the National Strategic Plan 2012–2016, and encourages health seeking behaviour and enhancement of quality of life in young people, through regular testing and/or screening for major aliments such as HIV/TB/STI, cancer and cardio-vascular risk factors, among others. The success of the project is largely attributed to the
strong partnerships that HEAIDS has established with the Department of Health (DoH); Global Fund-World Bank; US Government and US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), whose financial support has enabled HEAIDS to take the FTF Programme to the HEIs and TVET Colleges and
their various sites.
The FTF Programme facilitates access to the following services:

• HIV education, screening and referral;
• TB education, screening and referral;
• STI education, screening and referral;
• Hypertension, diabetes and/or cardiovascular risk factors education, screening and referral;
• Cancer education, screening and referral;
• Family planning education and awareness and/or provision of contraceptives;
• Condom promotion programme; and
• Male medical circumcision.






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