The Higher Education and Training Health, Wellness and Development Centre, HEAIDS is a non-profit company under the leadership of the Department of Higher Education and Training. HEAIDS works in partnership with Universities South Africa (USAf) and the South African College Principals Organisation (SACPO).


1. Aims and objectives include:

  • Developing HIV/TB/STIs/SRH prevention programmes for students and staff of post school education and training system and support the development of institutional capacities and facilities for the treatment, care and support of students and staff living with HIV//TB/STIs/SRH and/or suffering from some other related disease or condition falling within the broad sphere of public health.
  • Educating and equipping students in the post school education and training system to make a contribution to the national HIV//TB/STIs/SRH response, as well as that related to other related diseases and health conditions identified from time to time, in their future career fields.
  • Conducting research and investigative studies that will, through its emphasis on the post school education and training system, strengthen society’s ability to resist and ultimately overcome the HIV//TB/STIs/SRH pandemic as well as successfully overcome the other public health related conditions as identified from time to time.
  • Assisting the post school education and training system in providing HIV//TB/STIs/SRH services, as well as services related to other conditions in the field of public health, to communities related to these institutions, through outreach projects and practical training programmes.