HEAIDS programme acknowledged as a “force of transformation” by the European Commission

The European Commission recently featured the HEAIDS programme on its online platform “Capacity 4 Development”, that offers the development community an opportunity to share lessons learnt in capacity development.According to the Europen Commission, the HEAIDS programme has been lauded as “a real force for transformation’’.

The European Union was one of the biggest partners to HEAIDS between 2006 and 2009.During the EU funding period HEAIDS worked with 22 universities comprising around 90 campuses. The EU funding offered HEAIDS the possibility to conduct comprehensive research studies in the higher education sector and created the foundation for HEAIDS successful work in universities and colleges.  Almost seven years later the programme has expanded to cover 427 campuses in South Africa, the entirety of the higher education system: both universities and TVET colleges. 

Currently HEAIDS implements seven successful programmes in South African universities and TVET colleges:

  • First things first programme – HIV and Health Counselling and Testing

  • Future Beats programme – Youth Development and HIV Prevention through Radio and Social Media

  • Curriculum Development and Research programme

  • Men's Health and Empowerment programme

  • Women’s  Health and Empowerment programme

  • LGBTIQ programme

  • Alcohol and drug abuse prevention programme

To learn how HEAIDS made a difference in the South African higher education sector, please follow the link to on the European Commission website: