HEAIDS Participates in the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day

HEAIDS  and  Universities  South Africa( USAf) participated  in   2016  the  Cell C  Take  a  Girl  Child  to  Work  day .  The theme “Dream ,  Believe ,  Achieve” ,  was the point of call for us to remind  young  girls that  they  possess  the  power  to  make  their  dreams  come  true  by  believing  in  themselves.

 Learners  from  Abel  Motsoane  High  school  had an   opportunity  to  spend  time  with  Professor  AC  Bawa ,  Chief  executive  Officer  of  Universities  South Africa  .  In  his  address  to  the  girls  this  is  what  Professor  Bawa  said  to  the  learners  “There are things you have to do to acquire greatness. Our society has had a long tradition of great intellectuals. We have a challenge, as society, to keep that intellectual pool going.  So I challenge you to think beyond becoming a certain professional, and become a new generation of intellectuals.”

Not  only  did  the  girls  get  exposure   to  the  work  environment  at HEAIDS and  USAf   but  they  also  got  an   opportunity  to  do   a  Self-Awareness  workshop facilitated by HEAIDS Provincial Coordinator  Marlize Olckers , in  an  activity  to  empower  and  educate  them  on  the  importance  of  knowing  who they   are  and appreciating their  personality traits . The HEAIDS team that hosted the learners expressed their immense satisfaction at having to share and engage with such an inspiring bevy of young girls.