HEAIDS is searching for a Managing Editor to the FUTURE BEATS Project

HEAIDS is currently looking for a Managing Editor to the FUTURE BEATS Project.

FUTURE BEATS is a Youth Development and HIV Prevention programme implemented and funded by HEAIDS and the German International Cooperation (GIZ).The main aim of the project is to establish a radio and social media programme at university and community radio stations in South Africa that aims to create greater awareness concerning HIV and AIDS and issues related to HIV and AIDS in South Africa, e.g. human rights and social justice, social transformation, poverty, youth unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse.

The Managing Editor to the HEAIDS FUTURE BEATS Project will offer training, supervision and technical support to 13 campus and community radio stations in 5 different provinces of South Africa, while ensuring the quality and growth of the social media channels and online archive of the project. The HEAIDS Managing Editor will be based in Pretoria.

To download the job advert with further information please click HERE.