HEAIDS Future Beats invites radio stations to become part of our innovative radio and social media programme

 FUTURE BEATS is a Youth Development and HIV Prevention programme implemented and funded by the Higher Education and Training HIV/AIDS Programme (HEAIDS) and GIZ.

The main aim of the project is to establish a radio and social media programme at campus and community radio stations in South Africa that aims to create greater awareness concerning HIV and AIDS and issues related to HIV and AIDS in South Africa, e.g. human rights and social justice, social transformation, poverty, youth unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse.

The project aims to empower campus and community radio programme managers and volunteer journalists to produce radio and social media content that allows their listeners to engage with the issue without feeling "HIV fatigued". The dialogue about topics raised in the radio programmes continues on the social media sites that form part of the project. The radio stations participating in the project have the possibility to participate in exciting training workshops, enabling them to learn about HIV and social drivers of the pandemic and exploring new innovative radio formats. After the training measures the stations are closely supervised by an experienced Radio and HIV Expert that supports them in implementing HIV and AIDS related radio and social media content.

In the past two years HEAIDS successfully worked with 11 campus and community radio stations in five provinces of South Africa and was able to show first results of increased HIV testing and an increased knowledge around HIV among listeners of specific radio stations.

HEAIDS and GIZ will extend the project to further campus and community radio stations in Eastern Cape, Free State and Kwazulu-Natal in 2016.

Should your radio station be interested in joining this innovative programme, please submit a short letter of motivation including the following, to bonita@universitiessa.ac.za, by 12 February 2016:

  • Background of community radio station including frequency
  •  Organisational Structure and employees
  •  The project team available to manage the programme
  • Current HIV programming and reporting on HIV and other related issues
  • Number of listeners
  • Coverage Area and Target Audience
  •  Level of equipment and software
  • Programming and Preferred formats
  • Challenges and Needs
  • Station Manager/ Programming Manager Contact Details