Brenda White appointed Project Manager: First Things First HCT campaign

HEAIDS is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Brenda White as Project Manager for the First Things First HCT campaign.

Brenda joins HEAIDS from the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) with strong Project Management skills. She holds B Sc Ed (1985) and B Com Hons (1989) degrees from the University of Johannesburg (previously RAU) and certificates in Pastoral Narrative Therapy (2008, UNISA) and Advanced Health Management Programme (2011, Yale University/FPD). She has written and presented on HIV/AIDS services, the role of traditional healers in HIV/AIDS referral, and services for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.

HEAIDS welcomes Brenda and looks forward to the further success of the First Things First campaign in 2013.