HIV/AIDS Education

The HIV/AIDS Education COP is a voluntary forum that functions within the governance structure of HEAIDS under the auspices of HESA. The HIV/AIDS Education COP strives to promote collective learning and sharing of best practices with respect to HIV/AIDS curriculum design and implementation strategies in higher education.


In accordance with the principles guiding a community of practice, the HIV/AIDS Education COP provides an opportunity for Education Experts working in Higher Education (HE) to collaborate, network, share knowledge and provide collective suggestions on issues related to HIV and AIDS teaching, learning and research.

 The objectives of the HIV/AIDS Education COP are to:

  1. share best practices on strategies for incorporation of HIV/AIDS related education into the teacher education curricula
  2. to provide mutual support to members engaged in teaching and research in HIV/AIDS and Teacher Education.


 The HIV/AIDS Education COP : 

- functions within its own management framework;

- facilitates collaboration, networking and sharing of  knowledge through an online collaborative forum;

- encourages participatory approaches in HIV/AIDS teaching, research and assessments; and

- promotes integrating HIV/AIDS issues in the curriculum.


The HEAIDS CoP HIV/AIDS Education also hosts an online collaborative forum at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. To access the page, please visit:

This site is meant to be a resource for those interested and involved with prevention, management, and mitigation of HIV and AIDS in the Education sector. The site builds on the work of the HIV and AIDS in Teacher Education Project (2007–2009) in South African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), in which teacher-educators and in-service and pre-service teachers participated. The research carried out as part of that project enabled the establishing of a body of knowledge in the form of published research reports, as well as research articles, aimed at informing and shaping the integration of HIV and AIDS into Higher Education curricula.