Health & Wellness


A national forum was established in 2010 to coordinate and facilitate a sector strategic framework for Health & Wellness Programmes at higher education institutions. During the firts meeting in October 2010 at UNISA, which was attended by 13 representatives of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), of the Department of Higher Education and Training and some key speakers from other sectors on health and wellness programmes, it was proposed that such a national forum will provide a platform for networking, technical advice and mobilisation of national resources. A steering committee was elected to assist with the drafting of the national strategic framework for the forum and to lobby for further support from DHET, HEAIDS, government, other government departments and sectors. The integrated Health & Wellness COP is aligned to the HEAIDS Programme, but manages its own functioning in consultation with the programme. The COP members meet at least twice a year, logistical suppport is provided by HEAIDS. The Chairperson of the COP is Mr Leon Roets.


Membership of the Health & Wellness COP is open to all South African Higher Education Institutions who have an Integrated Health & Wellness Programme or who wish to establish an Integrated Health & Wellness Programme.

Mission & Vision

The Integrated Health & Wellness COP provides an opportunity for Health & Wellness Professionals and Practitioners working in the Higher Education sector to collaborate, network, share knowledge, abd provide collective suggestions on issues related to Health & Wellness practice and programmes and evidence-based research.

The objectives on the COP Health & Wellness are:

- to provide a way of coordinating and facilitating an integrated health & wellness approach appropriate to the higher education sector

- to mainstream health and wellness within HEIs

- to facilitate the professionalization of health and wellness as a practice in HEIs

- as part of the professionalization contribute to developing evidence-based research and practice and providing benchmarks and standards for health & wellness within the sector

- to provide mutual support to members providing health & wellness services and doing eveidence-based research in HEIs